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Integrated Visibility Packages

Want to really get more traffic and business? Old-school SEO is a bust. Previous methods of widespread link shortcuts are now hurting sites more than they're helping. CPM ads with no placement control are mostly wasted. Through our sites and through those of our carefully chosen partners, you can reach the right customers by getting real editors with influence writing about you and talking about you, month after month. On respected websites and blogs that are leaders in their field.

For single site ad buys on the Cheapest Destinations Blog or Hotel Scoop, it's best to go through our ad network Mediavine. For Perceptive Travel we use Ezoic. However, for the right opportunity for a takeover, we can suspend the network as needed. For multi-site packages that will really move the needle, see the 360 Degree Travel Network information.

Single Site Package

Targeted to one specific readership. At the $500 per month level, includes the following:

* 10,000+ prime banner impressions per month
* Coverage in at least one new blog post per month
* At least 6 social media mentions per month with preferred tags, handles, or hashtags.
* Linked ad or mention in monthly newsletter
Additional monthly quantities available for any of these at a higher rate.

Multiple Domain Opportunities

Spread the message out to multiple travel sites and double or triple the visibility and links. Any two sites for $1,000 per month, any three for $1,250 per month. Includes the following

* 20,000+ monthly prime banner impressions for two sites, 40,000+ for three.
* Coverage in at least one new blog post per site per month.
* At least 12 social media mentions per month (two sites) with preferred tags, handles, or hashtags for two sites, or 20+ mentions for three.
* Linked ad or mention in monthly newsletters.
* At least one linked YouTube video per quarter.

360 Degree Massive Content Marketing and Visibility Push

For companies with a real marketing budget who want to make a major splash through one contact. This program integrates sites in the Al Centro Media with 5, 10, 20 or more popular travel blogs and online magazines from our extensive database of influencers. For $10K to $80K over a three-month or six-month period, includes the following

* Inclusion in multiple feature stories and blog posts with multiple organic links to specified pages.
* 1 million+ reader impressions over the course of the program for sizable campaigns.
* Another million travelers reached through social media.
* Mentions/ads in at least 3 monthly e-mail newsletters per month to 10,000+ opt-in readers.
* YouTube videos with links back, when included in package.
* Optional availability of professional video that is then embedded in blog posts.

See more at the 360 Degree Travel Network influencer agency site.

Spots are limited so we can do a proper full-court press. Contact me now at tim (at) or call 615-489-4761.